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Need Paint ? ….  Think Again !

CeramShield Is Now South Florida’s Cost Effective Coatings Solution.

Paint Application : Polishing : Marine Ceramic Coatings

CeramShield specializes in providing the ultimate ceramic marine coating to practically any surface on your vessel. Restore faded paint and gelcoat back to new again and keep it that way with the best marine ceramic coating that is guaranteed to last!   Get in touch to let us know what we can do for you today



Barrier against Saltwater, Scum, Oxidation, Exhaust, Stains & Chemicals


  • Two Year Warranty On Exterior Paintwork

  • Protects & Enhances Any Surface

  • Superior High Gloss Definition

  • Ultimate UV Protection

  • Hydrophobic Makes Easy Cleaning Surfaces

  • Oleophobic – Anti Smudge

  • Chemically Resistant To Emission Staining

  • Creates A Harder Scratch Resistant Surface

  • Reduces The Need For Polishing

  • Certified Applicators Ensure Quality

  • Removal Gel To Easily Remove The Coating

  • No Tenting Required

  • A Very Inexpensive Way To Maintain Your Vessel

  • May NEVER HaveTo Paint Your Vessel Again!



Paint : Gel Coat : Fabrics : Glass : Wood : Stone : Alloys


CeramShield protects and enhances your vessels surfaces weather it be paint, gelcoat, glass, alloys, leather, all fabrics plus rubber & many plastics. Improves surface durability and performance through its outstanding hardness, modulus, flexibility and abrasion resistance creating a surface that is both oleophobic and hydrophobic making it EZ cleaning .
We also do paint repair and correction prior to polishing and marine ceramic coating application.


"Expertise and Experience to Ensure Excellence"

Professional yacht painters for over 30yrs, we know what a great paint job looks like! Performing corrosion control, fairing and painting to the world's most prestigious yachts, we guarantee our work to be of the highest standard.

All paintwork is done in house with our parent company Premier Yacht Refinishing LLC specializing in providing superior quality finish work and dedicated service to the yacht refinishing industry. We are a full service company from exterior paintwork on large mega yachts down to the finest repair and blends, rest assured you have the right team on  your side.

We pride ourselves on accomplishment of our work to be completed on time and within budget

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Marine ceramic coatings are not waxes or sealants that will degrade over short periods of time, these are semi permanent coatings, very similar to your factory clear coat but harder, and with higher resistance against scratching, etching, and chemicals.

A marine ceramic coating must be professionally applied by an authorized installer, registered CERAMSHIELD installations carry up to a 3 year warranty on some materials.


Frequently Asked Questions ?

What Areas Can Be Treated With CeramShield Coatings ?

 All interior and exterior surfaces weather it be paint, gel coat, glass, stainless, wood, stone, leather etc all surfaces will be protected and don't forget areas of high interior usage like bathrooms, shower stalls, galley appliances.

Do We Need To Scaffold And Tent The Vessel ?

No tenting required as product is EPA compliant, on some projects scaffolding maybe required

How Long Will The Coating Last On My Hull?

High UV areas like the curved cheeks on the stern and horizontal surfaces take the most punishment, and our current generation has lasted 2 years in these areas . Low vertical UV areas like hull sides last particularly well, persisting into its 3rd and 4th year.

Will It Stop Emission Soot From Staining The Surface?

Yes it will stop diesel soot from staining. Diesel soot or any other contamination will not be able to adhere. The surface remains glossy and very easy to clean for the crew.

How Long Does It Take For The Ceramic Clear Coat To Cure ?

It takes 24 hours for a full cure before it is subjected to moisture

Does The Coating Have To Be Removed To Make Paint Repairs

Yes ceramic coatings need to be removed before, to repair damaged areas and can be reapplied once the repair has been made.

Can It Be Applied Whilst Vessel Is Dockside

Yes, it can be applied in the weather but care must be taken as far as weather conditions are concerned.

Will It Alter The Colour Of The Paint Or Gelcoat ?

The long answer is No

Can It be Applied Over Fresh Paint ?

Yes the coating must be fully cured and cleansed.

Do You Offer A Marine Warranty?

Yes ! a1 - 5 year marine warranty comes with different services provided by CERAMSHIELD

How Long Does The Window Coating Last?

Except in really harsh conditions the glass coating will last a year before re-application is necessary.

Will It Proctect Exterior Fabrics And Plastic Acyrlic Shading ?

Yes! we have a Textile and Plastic suite of products that will make cleaning so much easier and environmentally friendly too.

How Do You Keep The Surfaces Clean?

Once the coating has been applied, there will be no need to use any other cleaner than a mild soap, when using some of our products. However some exterior surfaces can be etched by high PH cleaners used at undiluted strength.

And Yes ! We Accept All Major Credit Cards.

More Questions ?

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“Now I have experienced ceramic coatings, I will not paint again in my career,”       Captain Jason Chambers of 60m MY Ramble on Rose.

                                  “Big statement, but it’s been backed up.”